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I’m a Canadian indie game developer and started developing games in my spare time about 3 years ago.  Over the last 2 years I’ve put almost 900 hours into my current title. It’s with great pleasure (and anxiety) that I’m announcing my first-ever game that will make it to market!

It’s called Remember if you haven’t figured that out already.  ;P

**cue dramatic music**

You awake in a cold, damp morgue reeking of death and with no recollection of who you are, where you are, or why you’re there. As you solve puzzles across an increasingly disturbing world, abundant yet disjointed clues will offer insights into those seemingly simple questions.

Will you Remember?

Remember is a point ‘n click horror adventure puzzler – puzzles are a mix of item-finds and 2D interactive mini-games.  Top inspirations for the game were Resident Evil and Lumino City.  All story elements are completely optional, but you’ll be missing half the fun if they’re ignored.

Design Focus

  1. Puzzles
  2. Atmosphere
  3. Story

The game features some fairly mature themes, a healthy dose coarse language and all signs are pointing to it being rated Mature (17+) here in North America.  And while that might impact sales, Remember is a passion project; a game I would want to play myself and one I hope you will too.  Plus I hate when producers water down content to appeal to a wider market.

I’m using a game engine that was developed by the great folks @ Firerabbit Inc.  It uses the Corona SDK platform to stitch together 2D images of 3D worlds.  There are many benefits to this approach, least of which is the ability to display full quality renders without having to worry about performance, since no device is going to stress over showing a picture.

I wrote all of the interactive puzzles and animations from scratch in Lua (Corona SDK) and purchased the majority of the 3D assets from the Unity Asset Store.  Other 3D assets were commissioned, along with most of the story, and the music, which is being composed for FREE by a swell human I met on Reddit (u/freedomofniche).  I’ll be giving proper shout outs soon in a future post!

Things I’m (mostly) done

  • Game design
  • World building
  • Scene building
  • Navigation / Interactivity
  • Environmental sounds
  • Story & dialog
  • Web presence.  Hello!

Things left to do

  1. Finish interactive puzzles (about 40% done)
  2. Integrate music & sound manager
  3. Add particles & shader effects
  4. Add cut scenes
  5. Something big I’m totally forgetting right now

That’s it for my opening salvo!  Please reach out over the social medias and leave me comments if you have any questions or if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to write about.

Be sure to sign up so I can let you know when I’m finally done with this beast!


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